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Using Pictures to Read the Past

Assessment Criteria

Program Area: Social Studies (History)
Criteria: Inquiry/research skills and processes
Attainment Descriptors:

  • Accesses and uses appropriately information from primary and secondary sources, using the Internet and other media
    • Uses primary source information (from photos) to supplement secondary sources
    • Uses the Images Canada website to select images that reveal information on ways of life in Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
    • Accurately interprets information from primary sources (photos)

Program Area: Social Studies (History)
Criteria: Knowledge and understanding
Attainment Descriptors:

  • Makes reasoned generalizations about life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including:
    • Characteristics of the physical environment (and its effect on people)
    • Technologies and effects on relationship with the land
    • Roles and responsibilities of citizens in various groups in early Canada
  • Makes effective comparisons and contrasts life today.

Program Area: Language, writing
Criterion: Produce pieces of writing using a variety of forms
Attainment Descriptors:

  • Uses note-taking strategies effectively.
  • Writes short pieces of text to accompany a presentation and an artistic representation of chosen aspect of life
    • Uses short or long forms, as appropriate
    • Includes all relevant information
    • Respects and follows writing conventions (spelling, grammar, etc.)

Program Area: Language, oral and visual communication
Criterion: Communicate ideas and information for a variety of purposes
Attainment Descriptors:

  • Contributes and works constructively in small groups.
  • Listens and responds constructively to alternate viewpoints.
  • Prepares and makes a presentation that uses visual aids.
  • Speaks in a clear voice, makes eye contact, and uses other body and speaking techniques to communicate effectively in presentation.

Program Area: Fine Arts (Drama, Visual Arts, etc.)
Criterion: Creative work
Attainment Descriptors:

  • Selects appropriate tools and materials for subject matter.
  • Maintains a consistent style throughout the work(s) of art (e.g.: does not switch techniques inappropriately).
  • Communicates the nature of theme through artistic (i.e. non-textual) elements.
  • Balances artistic and textual elements effectively.

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